The Todd Bird Club provides various resources to enhance your birding experience.


We publish newsletters four times per year. Each newsletter contains meeting and outing announcements, trip reports, a letter from the President, feature articles, and a list of bird sightings,

Photo gallery

View bird photographs taken by Todd Bird Club members and friends. We welcome additional contributed photographs of regional birds or of birds that Todd Bird Club members have photographed while traveling.

Trail maps

Many of our parks publish trail maps. We link to them here for your convenience.

Bird checklists

The Todd Bird Club has developed bird checklists for local parks. You may wish to peruse these before you make an excursion to a park. Or take one with you to record your sightings.

Related Web sites

Xisit these other sites for more information about birding in our region.

Barred Owl, Presque Isle, 2/28/2017, Marg Higbee

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