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December 2022 Meeting

Tue, December 6, 2022, 7:30 pm
Blue Spruce County Park Lodge
Speaker: Court Harding


Court Harding is a graduate student at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the Townsend Lab. Last summer, Court spent two months in Honduras conducting research on the Utila spiny-tailed iguana and traveling across the country with her advisor, Dr. Josiah Townsend. The first half of the trip centered around the first IUP Honduras study abroad course, headed by Dr. Townsend.

In June, Court traveled from mangroves to dry pine-oak forests then hopped from cloud forest to cloud forest searching primarily for endemic reptiles and amphibians. A young and avid birder, Court didn't pass up the opportunity of a lifetime to search for birds as well. Court tallied over 170 species of birds almost entirely alone in the month of June (having met just one local birder for a few days). She will share her photographic highlights and misses from the trip.

Vesper Sparrow, Mormon Lake, AZ 6/25/2019, Marg Higbee

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