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March 2020 Meeting

Tue, March 3, 7:00 pm
Blue Spruce County Park Lodge
Speaker: Anthony Frazier


Anthony Frazier will present "Photography, Nature, and Birds" at our March meeting. Over the past few years Anthony has peeked into a world that has always existed but one which he had never fully understood. Using the skills of photography and this new found interest in birds and nature, he stumbled into a fantastically diverse, somewhat obscure, and creative world which he will share with us.

Anthony writes, "For most of my life, I saw parks and woods as places you go through or play in. I didn't give much attention to the environment, the resources, or climate. Birdwatchers were people who wore funny, rounded hats and were always seen looking through their binoculars. Growing up in Washington, DC, I enjoyed going to parks and seeing animals in zoos. But there was something mysterious about the woods. To be honest, there was something scary about them, too."

Anthony experimented with photography as a kid and loved it. He can still remember going into the darkroom and smelling the chemicals and watching images come to life. There was something magical about it for him. Sadly his love for photography faded as other hobbies took center stage, but it was only in his adult years that his interest in photography returned. In recent years, Anthony has begun exploring the world of birds, but he especially enjoys the raptors.

Anthony believes that it was his work in Juvenile and Family Services where he developed his skills for patience and persistence. Becoming a specialist working with troubled youth and their families requires unlimited time, patience, and an even temper. This work took him to various locations throughout the region. Traveling the back roads, he began to notice the woods that surrounded his journeys and began wondering, "What's in there?" Anthony will share his commentary along with many of his amazing photos with us at our March meeting. Be sure not to miss this interesting program highlighting raptors.

White-crowned Sparrow, 6/21/2013 Dalton Hwy., AK, Marg Higbee

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