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Moraine State Park Outing

Tue, September 26, 8:00 – 11:00 am
Moraine State Park, under Rt 528 Bridge
Outing Leader: Mike Shaffer


Moraine State Park, led by Mike Shaffer. Meet under the Rt 528 Bridge (Prospect Exit off Rt 422 -- Take Rt 528 North towards Jennings). Join us on a birding adventure looking for warblers and waterfowl in the Muddy Creek Area of Lake Arthur. This area is known to produce some great bird sightings this time of year. We will bird till about 11:00 at several locations throughout the Muddy Creek Cove, including the former Duck Pond Dam area, as well as the mouth of Muddy Creek. Bring your enthusiasm, water, snacks and sharp eyes and ears. There are no restroom facilities once we leave the 528 Bridge area.

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